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I help high-achieving women practice intentional living and prioritize their health so they can optimize their life from the inside out by emphasizing on sleep, digestion, nutrition, movement and personal boundaries for long-term results.

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Imagine waking up, fully rested and excited for the day ahead, knowing that whatever comes your way you will handle it with grace and ease. Imagine putting on your jeans instead of stretchy pants because you no longer worry about bloat and feeling uncomfortable as the day goes on. Imagine eating dessert without guilt while keeping the excess pounds off that I personally help you lose…

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I'm Dr. Blessing A.

Digestive Health Nutritionist M.S.

I am Dr. Blessing A. D.C.,M.S, and at the young age of 8 years old, my mother had an adverse reaction to medications that her doctors prescribed her. Those adverse reactions have had lifelong consequences for her and because of witnessing her struggle for many years, I was inspired to go into whole body health. Because the mind, body and spirit connection is so powerful, it is important for everything to work together in perfect harmony, to sustain maximum health.

With a focus on proper nutrition, improving digestive health, quality sleep and setting clear boundaries, I help women gain more energy, prevent burn-out, manage their stress, reverse inflammation and manage their weight so they can show up with more confidence in their personal and professional lives while living life on THEIR terms.

My approach for customized coaching

I'm a Nutritional Consulting Practice who provides a personalized, actionable, and flexible step by step approach to developing realistic long term healthy habits that are goal specific for the cohesive, yet complex workings of the mind, body and spirit inner-connections for high achieving women who need consistent and reliable energy, a healthy mindset to show up with confidence in their personal and professional lives and to break free of the restrictive one-size-fits-all approach to health.

I use a combination of education, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, stress management techniques and journaling to help you become more aware of triggers and habits that may be keeping you from reaching your health goals.

Without a plan, you will fall back on your habits and without accountability, it is harder to achieve your health goals. I will work with you to create a plan that fits your needs and holds you accountable so you can reach your goals.

I provide one on one nutritional coaching for busy professional women, who are looking to have more energy and live a healthier more balanced life. My goal is to help you make small changes that will improve your relationship with food and your body.

In addition to focusing on healthy eating and lifestyle change, I will help you form connections with what you eat and why you eat and how stress affects your cravings and appetite.

I will help you incorporate healthy, unprocessed foods that will give you the energy you need to perform at your best. One on one nutritional coaching is a gradual process that will help you make small changes in your diet that will serve you.




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Client Success Stories

My experience with Dr. Blessing at Earnest Holistic Health came during a period of genuine need. After a long car trip, I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort. The intake process was very thorough, I felt as though she really desired to discover the root of my problem.

A slow and painful trip to the table ended with me feeling amazing after the adjustment, massage, and gentle treatment. I avoid unnecessary medication where possible, though with this pain I was fully prepared to take a muscle relaxer to get relief. Dr. Blessing told me about a product that was all-natural and aside from the natural muscle-relaxing properties would also help with sleep- she clearly had listened to me as I gave my history as I mentioned having trouble sleeping. I appreciate being treated with patience and dignity.

Natasha Harper-Madison

I had been feeling achy for a week and had a fever Dr. Blessing educated me on all the ways I could boost my immunity to help my body fight off illness. She went through an inventory of what I had in my cabinet/fridge and helped me create a list of foods, vitamins, and supplements to buy.

Dr. Blessing educated me about the different interactions of certain foods and supplements. Additionally, she went above and beyond to help me research where I could locate these supplements since many stores were selling out of certain things due to the pandemic. This extra help tracking down difficult to find items was one major reason I recommend her as a whole health consultant- not only was she informative, she was kind and generous with her efforts.

After following Dr. Blessing's recommendations, my immunity is strong, and I am now eating in a healthy and informed way!

Lacey Holcomb

Lindsay Photo- Testimonial

I have been following Dr. Blessing for a few years and have greatly benefited from the information and tools she provides. I recently took the Exhausted to Energized Challenge and was so relieved at how simple and practical it was. I started making simple changes on Day 1 and made sure to write down my triggers. It was a huge help! I try to be intentional about my health but it's so easy to fall into old habits when you're sick or tired and then of course everything spirals. This was a wonderful reset and refocus for me!

Lindsey Vaught

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