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The first step in dealing with emotional eating is learning to identify your emotions and finding non-food outlets for them. You can do this on your own by journaling or you can work with a licensed counselor or mental health professional.

You have to get rid of the diet mindset. You can enjoy foods that you love and reach your health and weight goals.

You have to ditch the idea of good and bad food and focus on eating in a way that supports your health goals. Ideally this is making sure that you are eating a wide variety of nutrient dense food like fruits, vegetables and whole grains and making sure that you don’t have any nutrient deficiencies.

Although I work with clients that have different approaches to eating and nutrition- I personally follow the 80/.20 rule. It allows for flexibility and allows clients to enjoy their favorite foods – without feeling guilty. It’s also easier to stay consistent since there are no rigid rules.

I will work with you to create a simple system to help you make choices that align with your health goals. We will focus on 1 goal at a time and build from there.

It depends on the client. Counting macros is just one of many tools. For some people it is not ideal because they become obsessive about counting calories. These clients may need a more flexible approach. The 80/20 rule is very flexible and can be used with any other tool to keep weight off. The goal should be consistency.

No, you don’t, you can enjoy your favorite food and make healthy food choices that align with your health goals.

You can enjoy food when eating out with friends and colleagues. You can find healthier options at restaurants, or you can eat what you want. I will help you create a plan for eating out so you can make food choices that align with your goals.

In your case we may need to focus on creating a stress management and sleep routine so that you can feel more rested and have more energy to make food choices that align with your health goals.

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Would you like to find out what is depleting your energy? I can help you narrow the possibilities even if you have tried "everything".

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I'm Dr. Blessing

I am Dr. Blessing A. D.C.,M.S, and at the young age of 8 years old, my mother had an adverse reaction to medications that her doctors prescribed her. Those adverse reactions have had lifelong consequences for her and because of witnessing her struggle for many years, I was inspired to go into whole body health. Because the mind, body and spirit connection is so powerful, it is important for everything to work together in perfect harmony, to sustain maximum health.

With a focus on proper nutrition, improving digestive health, quality sleep and setting clear boundaries, I help women gain more energy, prevent burn-out, manage their stress, reverse inflammation and manage their weight so they can show up with more confidence in their personal and professional lives while living life on THEIR terms.

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