Do You Want to Improve Your Health? Change Your Mindset.

Transform Your Health

  Think of the mind like the operating system of a computer, and the body as the hardware. When a thought comes to someone’s mind it sends signals to their body, just as an operating system sends messages to the hardware. The body cannot function without the mind nor the mind without the body. Every […]

5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Sabotaging Your Health

Diets and Limiting Beliefs

If it was easy to create new habits everyone would be successful an expert but the reality is that, although it is difficult to create and stick with new habits, with the proper tools, it is doable. Having a “growth mindset” will help you identify your limiting beliefs and obstacles that may get in your […]

Do you struggle with healthy eating?

Healthy Eating

    Making healthy food choices, staying hydrated, and utilizing portion control strategies are not just important when the summer months come around. Developing a new, healthy lifestyle can make a big impact on your body  both inside and out. 1. Don’t blame your genes! While our genes do play a big role in who […]

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