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But if you are ready to take your health to the next level, check out below "Sleep Better, Move More, Eat Well" quiz and my 90 day weight loss breakthrough program.

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Sleep Better, Move More, Eat Well

Would you like to find out what is depleting your energy? I can help you narrow the possibilities even if you have tried "everything".

90 Day Weight Loss Break Through

Ready to feel more confident in your body again? Increase your energy and lose weight for good?!

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I'm Dr. Blessing

I am Dr. Blessing A. D.C.,M.S, and at the young age of 8 years old, my mother had an adverse reaction to medications that her doctors prescribed her. Those adverse reactions have had lifelong consequences for her and because of witnessing her struggle for many years, I was inspired to go into whole body health. Because the mind, body and spirit connection is so powerful, it is important for everything to work together in perfect harmony, to sustain maximum health.

With a focus on proper nutrition, improving digestive health, quality sleep and setting clear boundaries, I help women gain more energy, prevent burn-out, manage their stress, reverse inflammation and manage their weight so they can show up with more confidence in their personal and professional lives while living life on THEIR terms.

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Wellthier Together Podcast

Wellthier Together is a podcast that is focused on helping women cultivate wellness in all areas their lives.

Wellness does not just focus on physical health, it encompasses spiritual, emotional, mental, financial and relational health.

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