Who I Am

My name is Dr. Blessing and I am a health advocate, speaker, nutritionist and health care professional who believes that prevention is the best medicine.

Dr. Blessing Anyatonwu is the founder of Earnest Holistic Health, a nutrition and chiropractic practice in Austin, Texas. She offers talks on a variety of topics like optimal nutrition, managing diabetes, preventing heart disease, stress management, work-life balance, reversing inflammation and weight management.

Health is one of the few things that affect every aspect of life. It affects your ability to earn income, build relationships, your spiritual life, and your ability to enjoy any wealth that you have accumulated. Making an investment in your health is an investment that pays off for life and that’s why Dr. Blessing Anyatonwu partners with clients to help them make the most of their health journey.

My Philosophy

I believe in bio-individuality, the fact that no two people have the exact same biochemical make up. I believe that the body can heal itself when provided with the proper environment. This includes spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. Everyone needs a long term plan for wellness that focuses on nutrition, exercise, stress management, proper hydration, sleep hygiene, support systems, and scheduled self-care.

I don’t believe in fad diets. It is more important to find a style of eating that works for you. This means you must be self-aware and pay attention to how your body reacts to certain foods. Find out what works best for you and be consistent. One key of self-awareness is to know what eating style works for you and your unique needs.


Private Policy

Medical Disclaimer


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